Amazon AWS Maintenance



Let us help you keep your cloud server running in tip-top shape.  Here are just some of the tasks we log in and take care for you on a weekly basis.



  • We continue to track and consult on the status of your website
    • This includes optimizing your AWS use to minimize your monthly Amazon AWS bill while meeting your performance goals.
  • Monitor server backups
    • We Install, configure and monitor reliable backup utilities on your cloud server
    • We test server backup restores
  • Monitor server uptime and performance
    • Optionally track your domain availability using
    • Debug performance when needed using professional performance tools.
  • Upgrade server Operating System
  • Upgrade server software
    • Apache or NGinx Web server
    • MySQL Database server
    • Server services
      • Memcached
      • PHP-FPM
    • WordPress and standard plugins
  • Immediately apply any outstanding security fixes as security bulletins are released.
  • Guaranteed 4 hour response time 8AM – 8PM daily.
  • Weekly money back¬†guarantee.

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