Web Database

If you are ready to move into the world of advanced web databases, Adevsoft can be right there to take the step with you.


Web databases offer the next stage in database management by allowing companies to interact with the customers in a whole new way.  You can set up these databases so customers can update their own information, decreasing your internal need for additional database administrative assistance.  You can also get potential customers engaged with your company even earlier by allowing them to request quotes and build their own estimates right online.


Web databases offer convenient options for business owners that aren’t available in less advanced databases.  You and your employees can access your database virtually, allowing you the freedom to make updates from remote locations or while on the road.  Built in user management options make adding or modifying pages within your database easy and secure.  And if you don’t want to be responsible for making those updates yourself, Adevsoft is here to help.


This advanced database option may give the illusion of being cost prohibitive, but you can get started with a very small investment.  We custom design Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases for your business, both of which offer initial free licensing periods, allowing you to see if they are truly worth the investment before you pay a single dime in licensing fees.