Desktop Databases

You or someone you know may have started tracking their business data using Excel spreadsheets. This is a common approach, but it is also error prone. It is harder to maintain quality control on these spreadsheets, so customer information can be riddled with errors that never get corrected. Custom reports are clumsy and difficult to create, and important information can be difficult to extract. A desktop database application can solve these problems.

Desktop databases are a basic first step in database management. But basic doesn’t mean bad. Adevsoft can create a custom desktop database application for your business using Microsoft Access – a program you probably already have on your computer. We can mold your database so it not only stores all of your pertinent business information, but also makes it easily accessible through search queries and reporting features. You can then create attractive custom invoices or charts, and you can export your data into clean, error-free Excel spreadsheets.

Another advantage of using desktop databases over standard spreadsheets is the built-in consistency checks. Desktop databases make sure appointments are never set on weekends or holidays. Or they can create automatic reports that will notify you of unfilled orders at the end of each day. And better still, they can help you monitor employee data both good and bad, allowing you to reward top performers or coach employees who may be struggling.

To see the capabilities of a desktop database for yourself, check out our Construction Manager sample database pictured below. This system was specially designed to manage the data needs of a construction firm throughout the entire project life cycle, starting with sales leads and continuing through the tracking of work crews, project statistics, expenses, invoices, and financial reports. This one desktop database does it all.