Business Database Services

Business generates an enormous amount of data. Think about the amount of data going in and out on a daily basis. Different types of data being gathered, such as customer data, employee data, financial data, product data, and more. The numbers start to grow exponentially. Adevsoft can take this information and make it organized AND manageable.

So how do we do that, you ask? First we work with you to develop the data storage strategy that is best for your business. We consider the size of your business and the amount of information you need to store. We work with you to determine the types of reports you need and the frequency with which you need them. We discuss operations capabilities and your comfort level and available resources when it comes to managing data. We look at where you are acquiring your data from and what other systems it needs to integrate with. We talk about your future and how your systems and processes need to grow with you. Then we take all of this information and create a custom plan for you, laying out the appropriate database options and services to meet your needs. Those database options generally fall into one of three categories – Desktop Databases, Office Databases, or Web Databases. And each of them involves some kind of Data Integration.